Princess (______pink) wrote in hot__face,


Molly and Me.

Carey, Me, and Molly.

Megan, Carey, Me, Molly, Kenzie.

Miss Molly talking about volleyball!

Danny and Me.

Tyler on court.

Danny and Kayli.

Dan and Tyler love me.

Molly and Me.

Kyle and Sarah.

Derek, Me, and Derrick.

Ferris, Ian, and Derek.

Dak! The drummer from Saving Jane.

Kyle, Derek, Ferris, and Ian.

Derek, Derek's drunk mom Kim, and Ferris.

Shirts I got for Valentine's Day.

Socks and Care Bear from Mom and Dad.

Candy from Mom and Dad!

Puppy from Heather.

Stuff from Heather.

The best teacher ever.

And two from formal:

Emily, Sarah, and I. I love the freaks in the background!!!

Emily, Sarah, Ian, and I.
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